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Movement for Everyone

Joe Pilates said "Movement Heals" and that's exactly what will happen with regular classes at the Pilates With Frankie Studio. Whether you choose Fitness based classes or Pilates based classes you are sure to feel better fast. We offer Pilates Reformer Apparatus classes as well as mat-based options.

Enhance Your Fitness

Choose from a variety of fitness, Pilates, core training and mind-body classes to improve your overall fitness levels. All classes are multi level and will help you improve flexibility, increase strength and rehab injuries.

Calm Your Mind

Yoga not only helps improve your body, but also helps with mindfulness and meditation. It is important to take a break from daily life in order to focus on yourself and get clarity. Focusing on your breath during practice is key to staying in tune with your mind and body.   


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Pilates with Frankie

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